4 Marketing Ideas for Start Ups

Generally new businesses do not have one thing: a lot of money. Only very few start with a sufficient financial cushion and can fall back on contacts that soon become customers.
Every “normal” start-up has to deal with advertising and marketing in order to turn potential customers into paying customers. But how to implement marketing when there is little money available? In the following you will find some marketing ideas that are at least partly interesting even for established companies.


It is a good idea for every company to take part in competitions. Start-ups in particular benefit from start-up competitions in which victory is not the declared goal. The mere participation of a jury will attract attention and the press will report on the event. Those who then manage to be among the finalists can be sure that they will be reported on in the newspaper.

Such a competition usually does not cost money, only a little time has to be invested by start-ups. Usually a business plan is required and application documents must be filled out. The competition itself consists of presenting one’s own ideas to the jury. This marketing idea can therefore be implemented almost entirely without financial means, it only takes time!


Crowdfunding is on everyone’s lips especially recently – let the broad mass of financial backers finance the implementation of a good idea. Of course, this is a kind of credit, but it is granted at much better conditions than would be possible with a bank – if it grants a startup credit at all. Such campaigns can be found for example at Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Here you have the chance to get the product or your ideas financed and at the same time get attention for your company. Many journalists are out and about on these and similar platforms every day looking for new start-ups and ideas. They then report on this, which in the best case scenario will provide the companies with a little publicity. More attention means more interested parties who can be won as customers.


At the beginning of a business start-up hardly anyone thinks of cooperating with another company – but far from it! There are established companies from different industries that find joint projects interesting and would try out a product or new services with start-ups. It is important that such a partnership results in added value for both sides and that the customer groups of the respective companies also benefit from it. Creative suggestions are welcome with some managing directors.


The Internet is the first port of call for most people when they are looking for a product or service. Start-ups must therefore ensure that they are found on the Internet! Today, your own website is part of a company’s standard equipment. But this site must also be ranked well by the search engines – online marketing is only possible with a little effort, but without high costs.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the keyword here. It has long since ceased to matter whether the keywords defined seem to be used in endless numbers in the text, since such pages are now even punished by Google and Co., since they are obviously not written for the user. Companies should ask themselves what their target group is really looking for and offer useful added value on the homepage as well as on special landing pages. It is also possible to agree on links with partner companies, suppliers and other service providers. We’ll talk a lot about SEO on our blog, so don’t miss our other articles!

For inspiration, check out these clever marketing ideas: